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Oct 27, 2017
DD has a tryout today with a top organization and has been sick this past Mon and Tue (viral, chest area). She is feeling much better now but still has some lingering affects (Dr cleared her to play)
11yo and picked up yesterday with a 14U team and played well.
Her biggest issue is running any kind of distance. Last night she hit a double and it tool all she had to make it to 2B. Normally she would have made it with no issues at all. When she came into the dugout at the end of that inning she was having a hard time breathing and needed a rest to catch her breath. She was catcher for 50% of the games and and played outfield another 25% having no issues other then the 120 ft run.
My question is do I tell the coach before the tryout that she is not 100% in the running department (not a fast runner on the best days) or just let it play out.

Aug 19, 2015
Atlanta, GA
I would definitely tell them. They'll probably want to time her running home to 1st and home to home, but maybe they either wouldn't do that or would take it with a grain of salt. There's really nothing else you can do about it other than give an explanation.
Jul 1, 2019
Definitely, not only is it telling them that she may not be 100% for this tryout, it's also letting them know that you'll be honest about the condition of your DD when she's a team member.
Oct 27, 2017
OK, had a talk with the coach before the practice/tryout and explained the situation. DD had a very good 2.5 hr practice/tryout with no long running involved. Now we just wait to see if she is what they are looking for (maybe 1 spot open)
I did not want to seem like I was making excuses, but also want to let the coach know what was going on before hand.
Thank for the replies, they definitely helped me know I was making the right decision.
Oct 4, 2018
Glad it worked out.

Curious though -- I might have skipped the pick-up yesterday and rested to get her healthier for the tryout.
Oct 27, 2017
Glad it worked out.

Curious though -- I might have skipped the pick-up yesterday and rested to get her healthier for the tryout.
I gave her the choice and she was feeling good enough to play and would not consider missing the tournament, plus we had already committed to playing. It was the last tournament for the year and she was playing with a team that she really enjoys being with.
Playing up has really helped her game and she has leaned a lot from being around the older girls.
I explained the possible consequences, and she made the decision to play. Hopefully everything works out, if not we have a few more tryouts scheduled.

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