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Trust the Process!

May 27, 2013
When DD committed it was overwhelmingly congrats from everyone- however there were a few softball focused idiot parents who don't know her that well who I heard saying that DD had under-committed in terms of softball level of the school. Yeah, well DD is going to win educationally :cool: and long term that is most important.
Yes! This exactly! Dd is looking ahead long-term grad school/career-wise. I’ve got to give her credit for that. I never quite understood that mindset from others if a kid chose to play DIII over DI. It’s their journey to embrace.
Oct 2, 2011
After my first go-around with my son (now a MechE sophomore, and not an athletics recruit),
we learned that even with *stellar* standardized test scores (top 1%) and transcript,
not applying early decision/early action is a HUGE obstacle to overcome.

At time of applications, He didn't want to be locked-in anywhere until he knew all of his options.
But that strategy back-fired somewhat, and his "options" turned out to be lesser than he was counting on.
He ended up in a really great program, and is crushing it and loving it now,
but honestly, pre-attendance, his school was probably #4 on his list.

Live and learn...
This is especially true in the smaller schools that don't have huge incoming classes. The % accepted rate for # of applications can be misleading.

For those who haven't got there yet, if you apply early decision this is BINDING (unless you show you financially can't do it) - that means you can only apply to ONE school for early decision and if they say yes, this is where you will be going. If a school offers Early action it is not binding. Some schools have both types of applications, some have neither and have just general admission or rolling admissions.

Some have multiple - for example, DD's school has Early Decision 1 (decision mid-Dec), Early Decision 2 (decision early Feb) and General Admission.

DD's school is a good example - the published admission% is around 30%
The incoming class for DD's school is going to be around 600-630 students.
  • They took almost 300 of these in early decision 1 - close to 60% of those they applied early decision were offered.
    • Note: Every athlete we talked to at the school applied Early Decision 1.
  • In 2019 they took 120 in early decision 2... a somewhat similar % offered.
So that leaves only 200 or so spots for General Admission - so your admission rate for General Admission is actually right about 8%
And it may not even be that good... There is a big difference between 60% and 8%

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