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Saskatchewan fast pitch

Jun 15, 2015
Man these Canadian forums are dead. I will try and get things going. My daughter plays peewee ball this year (U14). We had a great provincial B tournament in Moosejaw this past weekend. Unity won first with Weyburn taking second and Estevan third. I'll try and get some action shots loaded up.


Saskatoon Padres
Jun 11, 2016
June 7, 2016
This coming Father’s day weekend the Saskatoon Padres Senior C Men’s Fastball Club will be hosting their 39th Annual Men’s Fastball Tournament from June 17-19th.
This year’s tournament will be a good test to see where their team stands as they prepare for the Senior C Provinicals which are to be held in Prince Albert.
We again have a 12 team draw with 3 teams from our neighbouring province of Alberta, as well as a teams from Conquest, Drycreek, Kelvington and the remainder from the SASA men’sleague.
Action begins Friday night with 3 games beginning at 6pm at Bob Van Impe and 1 game at 6:30 at Gordie Howe Park
Due to construction at Gordie Howe Park diamond, the major part of the games will be held at Bob Van Impe
A full slate of games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday beginning at 8am.
Friday night - $5.00 and children under 14 free
Sat. & Sun - $6.00 per day and children under 14 free.
Tournament pass will be $15.00
So come on out and watch some great fastball action.

Saskatoon Padres Fastball Club
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Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
JMO, you are not going to get to much traction with your posts.

Marc, a Canadian, does a good job.

Contribute to the board or do not post.


Saskatoon Padres
Jun 11, 2016
Pool standings after round robin.
Pool A
1st – Padres
2nd – Drycreek Penquins
3rd – Calgary Pirates

Pool B
1st – Hanley Merchants
2nd – Conquest Jr Coyotes
3rd – Calgary X-men

Pool C
1st – Saskatoon AA Selects
2nd - Saskatoon Merchants
3rd - NE Selects (Edgerton Ab)

Pool D
1st – PDC Comets
2nd - Conquest Capitals
3rd – Tint Centre Cubs
Good evening folks,
PDC Comets defeat the Conquest Sr Capitals by a score of 10-3
Saskatoon padres defeat the Calgary pirates by a score of 15-7
Hanley merchants defeat the Calgary x-men by a score of 9-2
Elimination round games began Saturday night at 7pm -- both games were semifinal matches for the "B" event.
Northeast selects defeat the Calgary Pirates by a score of 10-3 to advance to the B event final
Tint Centre Cubs defeat the Calgary X-men by a score of 8-0
The B event final will have Tint Centre Cub against NE Selects
Sunday 8am Games
AA Selects over Drycreek Penquins – 11-4
Pdc Comets over Conquest Jr Coyotes – 7-5
Then the rains came in the 6th inning of the 10 am
Padres and Sr Merchats were tied at 5
Conquest were up on Hanley 6-5