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running through 1B and then the turn

Feb 12, 2014
If you teach a turn to the left, sooner or later you will have an umpire call a girl out on the tag. The ump will be wrong of course, but your girl still will be out and you might be watching the remainder of the game from a parking lot. I've seen it happen.

So, to avoid this, I just teach a turn to the right.
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
Agree or disagree, this is what I’ve always taught at 1B.......if it’s just a routine single thought a hole, or a line shot one or two hop single to an outfielder, go through the bag, take a right and come back to the bag, she knows she got a single / hit and could see it all play out in front of her.

Now if it’s a scenario where she busting it down the line (maybe she eat up a left side fielder, or knew it was a play that pulled a fielder way out of position), here’s what I teach.

Busting down the line she better get through the bag hard, granted she doesn’t know where the ball is, she hits the bag and then quickly stutter steps to a stop (12 to 15 feet) all while staying a foot or so in foul territory waiting on me or whoever is coaching 1B to loudly give a command.

If the ball is thrown away at 1B, if it’s deflected off of the 3B’s glove (or cleat) and is now if foul territory, if it gets through a hole for a single and a outfielder lazily lets it go under her glove my runner is in a great position to go hard left with my “GO GO GO” command! Been teaching this since Anna was 11 or 12 years old.

NOTHING worse than a girl being safe and then making a wide, slow, lazy right turn when a mistake was made in the field and you blew a few seconds and didn’t take advantage of the defenses bobble!

1B coach has to be VERY in tune and engaged in every running play he’s in charge of! That one extra base could be a game winner!