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Runner hit in face on double play attempt. Correct call?

Jun 22, 2008
Comp, thanks for posting the vid, it's not clear, but sans interference call, wouldn't the throw into the runner be ruled a dead ball and batter-runner be awarded the next base? I don't agree with the non-interference call, tho.
No it is not a dead ball, the runner must commit some act of interference. Simply running the bases is not in itself an act of interference, the runner must commit some other act other than being exactly where they are suppose to be. And remember, the runner is not out until the umpire calls and signals the out. In the college video posted, the umpire is barely starting to raise the fist for the out call when the runner is hit with the ball and is maybe 1 step from the base. How is the runner suppose to magically disappear in that fraction of a second?
Jun 22, 2008
Isn't the rule that runner can not go out of thier way to be hit by ball?
No rule cites anything about going out of the way to be hit by the ball. The rule states a runner is out if they interfere with a thrown ball, as I have repeatedly stated interference requires some act. Running the bases is not an act of interference, the runner must commit some other action other than running the bases. Veering off into the throwing lane would be an act of interference, running over the fielder as they are throwing the ball would be an act of interference, waving arms around and slapping at the ball would be an act of interference. If you want to call this interference, then any time any runner is hit by a thrown ball it is going to have to be ruled as interference and that simply is not the rule. NCAA again has gone way off the deep end of their interpretations when they started talking about reasonable expectation of the runner sliding in their rule clarification. Nothing in the rules require a runner to slide, yet they issue a ruling which essentially states the runner must slide if they do not want to be called for interference. Yet, it is perfectly ok to slide into the fielder and take them out as long as it is a legal slide.
Nov 4, 2015
How is the runner suppose to magically disappear in that fraction of a second?

If the goal of the base runner is to get to the next base as fast as possible, then they will be running hard and sliding into second base. If they are not do this, then they are not exactly where they are supposed to be in either of these videos. They both get hit while slowing down and conceding the out. So therefore, a runner is allowed to run slow and stay in the base path with no consequence. Getting hit is a consequence, but then the bounce into the outfield may allow the batter to reach first. I guess you let the infielders know to own the baseline. throw it directly to the first baseman. if you hit the runner, the batter wont be out, but everyone else should get out of your way or hustle and slide into the base from then on. I like the NCAA rule. Going to have gray area either way. Infielder cant throw it at a sliding runner just to get an out call. Will have to use common sense with the call no matter what the rule states.
Apr 17, 2012
This similar in some ways to the batter stepping out of the box and getting drilled by the catcher throwing to third. If she would have stayed put/done what is normal and been hit she would not have been out instead stepping out lead to the int. Running bases in the base path as you should regardless of speed should not lead to int. Veering off however could. The fielder and catcher have expectations to create a throwing lane when the batter and runner are doing what they should


Jun 22, 2008
Being a coach I am, throw it thier head.

They better get out of way on ball.
Yeah, have a good time in the parking lot, maybe even a courtroom since you are instructing the players to attempt to injure another.

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