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Recording softball games

Jul 17, 2019
I'm looking to purchase a GoPro camera or something similar for recording softball games/tournaments this fall. I've seen various cameras at tournaments over the past year - from iPhones to GoPro as well as various contraptions for mounting the camera to the backstop. Looking for some feedback on both camera and mount (and anything else relevant to this topic) before I make a purchase. Thanks!
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Just recording.
For just recording, my recommendation is the GoPro 5 Black. You can probably find that model on the used market (eBay, etc.) for significantly less than a new camera.

Other things you will want...

External Battery/Power Bank - The internal battery on a GoPro will only last about 1 game (maybe). A large battery pack will provide enough juice for a day worth of games, maybe even all weekend. My pick is the EasyAcc 20000mAh power bank. You will also want some sort of pouch to hold the battery, and a small clip to attach it to the fence.

Fence Mount - IMO, the best 2 options on the market are the LynkSpyder and the Fence Clip. I have used both, and they both work great. My preference is for the Fence Clip because of its smaller size, and slightly quicker setup/take-down. However, if the backstop is netting, and not fence, the Fence Clip won't work, but the LynkSpyder will. If you need to stay super cheap, I've seen people get very creative with bungee cords.

Micro SD Card - A high capacity, high quality card is required. I always use the SanDisk Extreme cards. In a GoPro 5, shooting 1080p/60fps, a 64G card will get you about 4 hours of recording time. I prefer using a 128G card so I never have to worry about whether or not I have enough space for a long day of games.

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