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PLAY FEARLESS ! or fearful?


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Dec 13, 2019
This is a great post. One the eve of one of the biggest games of DD's life I gave her the prep talk about being a warrior and going into the game fearless.. She was so pumped up that I would have bet my life that she would dominate that game in the circle. Sadly she lost a totally winnable game. A day later I asked her if she was fearless and she said "Yes I was and that was the problem, I needed to fear walking a batter or giving up a hit to be effective". I was confused but said okay. Didn't want to push back. Since then she does her thing and does it well.
Earlier this year I read a book that referenced the warrior dial ( Chop wood carry water). In this part of the book the sage spoke about how we must turn our warrior dial up when playing weak opponents and turn it down when facing strong opponents. That made sense to me as DD may have turned it up too much because of me, during that winnable game. We learn as we go.
Great story. I like the point of thinking first of our abilities! Know the game. Our role.
Again think smart.
Play strong.
Believe in yourself.
Keep trying.

Here is another point of reference that comes to mind when I read your story.

Learning to ride a bike.
Some kids jump on a bike without realizing or knowing the dangers that can happen. Some immediately crash and get hurt. Some don't want to get back on.
While others do.
After learning how to ride a bike many people ride it without concern, comfortable to ride without fear because of developed confidence!
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Jun 6, 2016
I think what causes fear is different for everybody.

For me, fear is about a lack of control. This is why as a coach, I am a miserable, nervous wreck during games. I have almost no control over anything that happens. A challenge for me is not letting this show because that fear doesn't come from a lack of confidence in my players.

As a player, I am always miserable and nervous before games. Once the game begins, it all goes away because now I have some control. That control is only over my own performance, but honestly that's what always matters most to me anyway (winning is great, but if my team wins and I was terrible, I don't feel so great about the win).

I've thought a lot about fear because I've seen a lot of "playing scared" with girls who are new to the game. I feel it's my job to figure out why each of those girls is afraid and then come up with some way to help them overcome it, use it to their advantage, etc.
Jan 24, 2013
Is fear part of playing competitive softball?

To share,
This players MINDSET
Always played FEARLESS
Prepaired to WIN
Prepaired for EVERYTHING
The problem most of the time, is that the fear comes from the “uncontrollables” like will they strike out or hit it at a defensive player or will they get that batter out while pitching when it is basses loaded and one out. The main thing is mental training on focusing on what they can “control” which is themselves and how they play. Read Brian Cain’s books on Peak Performance.


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Aug 9, 2018
IMHO fear in playing games comes from not being prepared. Practice the fundamentals until they are second nature and the actual game will seem easy. Yes you may run into a team with superior talent and get beat, but as long as you practiced and gave your best effort there is no reason to hang your head. or be fearful.
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