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Pitcher mentality

Apr 11, 2016
DD (12U) is short for her age, she is the shortest on her team. Last week at a tournament, they played against a team that was large (moving up to 14U). Most of the girls on DD's team were also pretty tiny and skinny. We joked that 2 of our players could completely hid behind one of their players. Even DD's team's tallest girl was still a head shorter. The first batter came out and hit a triple against DD's first pitch. All of us parents thought it would be a long game, and we would be happy if there was no injuries against these big hitters. But DD's team was great in fielding, and her team ended up winning 15-2. The game even ended early due to mercy rule. I praised DD afterward for not letting that first triple bother her mentally. She was always good in mentally blocking out a previous bad play and focus on the next batter. If her teammate made an error, it wouldn't bother her pitching. The only time she admitted being angry was with her last team (where she played up and all the girls were 1 or 2 grades above her) made about 10 errors in a row while she was pitching. Usually, she keeps her cool, and you couldn't see her emotion at all,
May 6, 2015
kudos to her, that is tough at 12u, to have that shake it off /no memory mentality.
May 16, 2016
To be able to forget the last play as a pitcher is a great trait to have.

In my experience when pitchers show too much emotion about players making errors behind them the fielders make more errors and play nervous. Same thing goes for coaches.