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Looking for a good priced center field/short stop combo glove

Oct 4, 2018
I know there's differing opinions here, but a single glove for those two positions really don't go together, will one glove work for both, sure you can make it work. And if she plays SS and CF she's obviously one of the best athletes on the team so that helps!

I like no larger than a 12" glove at SS, and no smaller than a 12.5" glove in the outfield, but that's just me!

Hey......I think I may have started a thread here lately about this very subject, yeah actually I did!

OP, an ugly ole basket web Vinci BV1929 is probably your best option.
You need to invent a glove that can add an inch as you switch to the outfield.
Apr 28, 2019
Marucci has some great deals o
I am helping one of my daughter's friend's father find a good glove for his daughter without going broke. My daughter loves her Marucci Magnolia Series catchers glove, and she loves her All-star vela glove. His daughter plays center field and short stop and its time for a new glove.

I thinking about pointing him to the Marucci Megnolia Series gloves as they are currently on sale and they are decent quality.

Are there any other deals out there to point him to..... he has been clear his price range is Free to $150 but closer to free LOL

The Megnolia are running roughly 129 and are good quality,

any suggestions are welcome.
Marucci has some great half price sales on gloves. I would go with a 12.5” for SS & CF. It’s always better to have a little more glove than not enough glove IMO. You can also find some great deals on Rawlings HOH from previous years on sites like Closeout Bats. I believe they have a 12/12.5” in black for $99. It may be a 2017/18 but who cares it’s brand new and 2021’s go for $279.

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