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Help with 14 u

May 28, 2008
Ok. We have been throwing and hitting every Sunday since the weather in Northern IN. turned. My question is we have a local workout place that has asked me if I want my girls to do some sort of circuit training in their gym.

Is this a good idea or bad? Are there better work execises than others? How often per week? I have heard it's not good to wieght train with younger kids???

Any help would be appreciated.


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Definitely a good idea. Skills work is always #1 on the priority list but if you can add some form of softball conditioning - it's great.

Circuit training is definitely a winner with a 14U Team. Fun, intense, effective.

Regarding weight training - absolutely no problem. This is a myth. All big scientific and leading organizations (American Pediatric Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association) agree that it is safe and beneficial to do resistance training with kids as early as 8 under specific guidelines.

For 12-13-14 years old girls - absolutely no problem.

The exercises should be functional, fewer machine the better. Focus on body weight, free weight, medicine ball and stability ball exercises.

The only thing... most teams that do that only do it once a week. While it's better than nothing, you don't much out of it.

You need to workout at least twice a week to get results. So, I would make sure that I either go work there 2x a week or you go there once a week and you do it with the girls in practice another time.



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