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Jun 23, 2020
I agree with Sluggers. DD was almost exactly like your daughter early on and then built up to attack hitters. We learned to practice with the same mentality. It works for her to this day. We have always played the toughest competition so we didn't have to adjust form that standpoint. DD will always tell me I am going after EM!! And your DD must have a reliable change she can throw on any count!

Thanks for the advice. So you are saying that the aggressive mentality is something she should embrace? Maybe just tone down her stride, as Sluggers pointed out?

Her 13U team had a lot of success last year and in the fall, so her coach has started entering more open/A level. They've held their own against tough competition (not winning every game mind you, but experiencing some success).

As for a change-up, that's an issue for another thread! She has a really good change-up...I just wish her travel coach would call it more (with all pitchers, not just her).


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May 26, 2008
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Any drills you recommend for working on control?

"Control" has two parts--a physical part and a mental part.

The physical part is the ability to move the ball around the strike zone. (Control is *NOT* throwing the ball in the same place all the time.) Why? Because the strike zone changes from batter to batter, umpire to umpire, and sometimes inning to inning. Your DD has to adjust to the shifting strike zone.

Ultimately, your DD should be able to move the ball in 4 inch increments (referred to as "a ball") around the strike zone. It is referred to as "I want the pitch one ball on the inside part of the plate" or "I want the pitch one ball outside."--which means off the plate by 4 inches.

The basic drill for the physical part is quadrants. Divide the strike zone into 4 quadrants...outside high, inside high, inside low, outside low.

Then, you have her throw to each quadrants. She keeps throwing at a particular quadrant until she gets it, and then you change quadrants.

As she improves, you put more restrictions. Like, "the pitch has to be one ball off the plate" or "the pitch has to be one ball on the outside of the plate."

Some fun drills are target practice with cans or putting a softball on a batting tee and have her knock it off.

The mental part consists of identifying the strike zone. Ask your DD after the game to describe the umpire's strike zone to you. You want a shape...rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, fist, etc.

Most umpire's have a trapezoidal (not rectangular) strike zone. Many umpires have a "fist" shaped is wider than it is tall. An umpire who is not calling the corners has a "fist" shaped zone.
Mar 10, 2020
Not while pitching but to learn balance hop forward landing on alternating legs.
Pause and then hop again.
Dd had to make adjustment after her quick lengthy growth spurt she was a baby giraffe for about 2 months.
Hopping drill took care of it.

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