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GoPro Vs DJI Osmo


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Oct 5, 2009
At the Jewel in San Diego
Well for all you camera fanatics that love to record those moment,at $349.00 DJI just launched a new action camera. Now from I've see or read, I am not finding out any FOV,or Field of View settings on the camera , Which for recording softball games could be a deal breaker. For recording selfies and other moments camera is looking really cool. I'm really digging the front screen on this new camera. Mounts look like they can work with GoPro mounts. Thats a huge plus. Going back too the FOV, doesn't seem to have the Fish Eye View like GoPro's have. One of the features that was getting played out with the Gopro's. Until I physically have one, I will remain neutral on the new camera. Below is one of my fav You Tubers that did a review on this.

Just found out-Cant live stream with this camera!!

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Nov 18, 2015
What FOV should we be looking for to get the whole field when using a backstop mount?
Jul 31, 2013
We have one on the way and will be reviewing. I'm told the wireless companion app is horrendous. Ultimately, I have grave concerns that it is a fixed FOV camera. There is no discussion of FOV or zoom in the user manual. If that is the case, it is sort of a deal breaker. Stay tuned.

They were smart enough to use the same setup as GoPro for accessories. I'm told they are compatible. Again, will see.

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