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New Camera Rig - Mevo Plus

Dec 11, 2010
Early this summer DD hit two of the longest balls I have ever seen her hit at a tournament Baller was at. They missed both.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Can you link to some of the video? Curious to see how it comes out with the Mevo. I currently use an iPhone and Periscope to stream games, so want to see if worth the upgrade. Nice setup!
With Mevo to FB live... www.facebook.com/SoCalAthleticsGM/videos/895987074074251/

For the pre-game stuff and pitcher warm-up throws, I had it zoomed-in a bit. At -1:17:05, I zoomed out to see the whole field. This is controllable from the app. The ability to control the field of view, and jump between different FOVs is a pretty fun feature.

With iPhone to FB live... www.facebook.com/SoCalAthleticsGM/videos/895987074074251/

This is pretty typical of the results I was getting with the iPhone setup, plus a regular issue of the signal dropping completely. Streaming to Periscope was more stable for resolution, but Periscope is limited to 540p. So far, the results from the Mevo have been significantly better all around.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
awesome stuff, thanks for sharing. Very cool on being able to change the zoom, pan, etc. with the Mevo.
There are some people who have gone all-in with the Mevo, and add graphics overlays for score, game situation, and name of the batter. That's a whole lot deeper than I want to go. I still want to be able to enjoy watching my DD play the game.
Aug 9, 2018
I have been recording and live streaming my DD's games for about a year. My rig has included a GoPro 5 and an iPhone 6S.
View attachment 14671
The iPhone (no cell service) was connected via WiFi hotspot, streaming to FB live. It worked moderately well, as long as I had a strong signal. However, though a WiFi hotspot, that wasn't happening very often, and the result was generally not very good (unstable resolution, frequently dropped connection).

Looking to improve my results, and simplify my gear, I started researching other camera options, and narrowed it down to the GoPro7 and the Mevo Plus. The GoPro 7 struggles badly in the softball environment with connection stability and overheating issues. The Mevo Plus had been recommended by a couple people on this site, and offers some really neat control options in the app. I was hesitant to spring for the full price of the Mevo Plus, but found one on eBay for about 1/2 price, and pulled the trigger.

The Mevo camera connects to the app on your smart phone, which controls all the functions, including some fun options with the field of view. Broadcasting can be done via WiFi or LTE. Connected to the WiFi hotspot on my phone, the results were better than my previous setup, but there were still some stability issues. Connected via LTE, the results have been significantly better. The only downside to using LTE is that the app must remain up front, which prevents using the phone for any other tasks during live streaming. Using WiFi (hotspot or other), allows for navigating away from the app without interrupting the live stream.

For mounting, I like the small format of the Fence Clip, but wanted to build in more adjustability for the variety of fencing sizes and shapes I encounter. I scavenged a couple of parts from a second Fence Clip to create a movable mounting block for vertical adjustment, and stayed with the 15mm rod and fittings for horizontal and rotational adjustment. After testing for the last couple of weekends, I'm pretty happy with my new rig.
View attachment 14672 View attachment 14673
The only mounting limitation I will have with this setup will be backstops with netting instead of fencing. I keep a LynkSpyer in my car for those occasions.

Another feature of the Mevo Plus, is that it will livestream up to 1080p to YouTube (720p limit on FB, 540p limit on Periscope). YouTube requires 1000 followers for live streaming from a "mobile device", but the Mevo camera is categorized as a "webcam", which does not have the follower requirement.
What is the difference between Mevo and Mevo plus for streaming games?
Jul 31, 2013
What is the difference between Mevo and Mevo plus for streaming games?
The plus is really just the next generation model; V2, if you will. There are several changes. But ultimately, the better wireless chip and dual antennas (internal) give it longer wireless range and more streaming stability.
Feb 2, 2015
Mevo Live streamed to facebook: *This video was the only day we have had issues with the camera overheating. Heat index 100+ in direct sunlight.

This is my youngest in 8U and we can use logos and captions to display scores. We usually only update the score every half inning. Otherwise, like one post said it would get too involved and you would miss watching the game. From behind home plate you can get entire field including foul territory or zoom in and just get the playing field. Video is great and can be saved to sd card as well for future use. For my older daughters team we upload videos to vimeo so that the entire team can access the video for create highlight clips or use for instruction purposes.

Actually thinking of getting a second setup as we will be split between the 2 girls and want to be able to watch both girls as much as possible.

Setup: Mevo with Boost, Link Spyder. Also have battery packs but have only needed to use those once, and that was because boost wasn't charged fully. Actually got through a 5 game day without having to recharge the boost once.

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