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Good Mitt for a Coach

Jun 25, 2009
I am looking for suggestions on a mitt to catch my pitchers. I looked for the LS "Big Daddy", but it's been discontinued. I don't have huge hands (I wear a Large golf glove), but I just need something to fit a grown man's hand. Local stores don't have squat in stock, so I am forced to mail order. I have contacted Nokona and Akadema, and they both suggested full sized mitts that they make, but I had a dealer tell me that they would be really tight. He suggested a Salinas mitt (maybe a SB3?). Of course, it's a lot of $$$. He's a pitching instructor and said it was perfect. I may just bite the bullet and shell out the bucks.

What mitt do you guys use? I have to do something, these girls are throwing harder every day. I like it!!!!
Jun 6, 2009
Dealer lied. I wear a size 9 surgical gloves, which means I have very large hands and the Nokona catchers mitts fit me fine. They break in quickly as well.
Jun 25, 2009
Speaking of bare hands.........we got a 16" clincher softball to play with in the neighborhood (my neighbor has a field). Just got it for fun an the idea that say you are at a cookout or something an nobody has gloves, you could still get up a game. It's different and a hoot to see the 9yo girls fighting what looks like a beach ball. I still think if my DD could get a grip on it she could windmill it. THEN I might bare hand it!!!!!!!!!


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
They are expensive. But, if your DD is going to be doing this for several years, it is worth it. I like the open web design, so I would go with the CM275-K-OW. The CM275-K-CW is a fine glove also.


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May 8, 2009
The akadema praying mantis is what I have. There are 3 different fastpitch models, a couple for under $100 and one for $160. The are really big (34"). Cheap plug for justballgloves.com .... the ship out of kansas city, I ordered mine on a Friday at 2:00, and had it on my door Monday at noon.
Jul 20, 2008
I have an Easton catcher's mitt I bought on sale. It works great. You can also use a 1st basemen's mitt if you can't find a catcher's mitt to fit.

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