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Finally...a weekend visit with Java


6-4-3 = 2
May 6, 2013
Western NY
After several years of emails, phone calls and online advice, we (Lizzy and I) finally made the trip to see Java over the weekend. Lizzy and I both recognized she was lacking spin understanding and that was something that I could not teach her as I had no understanding of it myself. Something better explained in person with the expert knowledge from someone like Java. Lizzy was also developing a couple bad habits that have bled into her mechanics over the past few months that Java addressed with great accuracy. I can honestly say the expense of the flight, car, hotel, etc....paled in comparison to what we gained from the knowledge and instruction we received. Java was brutally honest with Lizzy (which is what she likes) about every aspect of her pitching. Java taught her more in 10 hours than I could have in 10 months about spin, timing and tempo. Lizzy left New York with a new found excitement for pitching and the knowledge she gained will truly take her to the next level with success.

My point of this post is if anyone has the opportunity to get any instruction from Java, I would jump all over it. Yes, it is expensive to get to New York from Oklahoma but it was worth every penny. We will be going back next fall. We just wanted to publicly thank Java for all the time and work he puts in and tell everyone what a wonderful trip we had. Thanks Java!
If you can imagine working with someone for 5 years... and finally meeting them in person... it was truly a blessing to meet these two!!!

They are true testaments to what a dad (or mom) and a daughter can accomplish. Lizzy is the penultimate DFP model pitcher... and we should all be thankful for sharing in their journey... all of us learning... while watching her grow into a magnificent & respectful young lady.

She's a full-ride girl already... and it's only going to get better from here on out!

My thanks to you all for the kind words in this thread... and all of the kind words, encouragement, and input you've given to these two over the years.
[MENTION=551]BoardMember[/MENTION]... if you're still out there (prolly on a golf course)... you did good, my friend! ;)

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