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DD pitched awesome in her first tournament as a pitcher

Aug 13, 2018
My DD pitched in her first tournament as a pitcher today. 3 game tourney.

First off, I am the coach of the team. We’re a VERY young town travel team playing 10U with almost all 9s and a couple to 8s playing up (my daughter is 9). We need quite a bit of work to brcome competitive even in our “B” league that we’re in (not sure what exactly to call it, our “A” team is not a A level TB team, they’re probably B level at best which would make us a C or D level team, if I understand how the levels “should” work). We played modified coach pitch for the fall season but the tourney was a mix of our A and B teams, so it was the first time my girls played with walks and everything.

We did lose all three games. That’s not entirely surprising, we played two of the better division teams and only one in our division. Our division team we lost a good game 4-3.

But the reason for my brag. My daughter has been working her ass off to become a pitcher. When we formed this team we had no pitching. I put her in lessons so that I had someone who could get it over the plate. The work paid off, and today she pitched great. She started and pitched two of the three games, 8 innings, 15Ks (8 looking) and 11BB. Also caught 2 pop ups at the pitchers circle (yes, they were routine, but that’s something we’ve been working on)

All in all, super happy with her performance. Also very happy with how my team played against better competition than they’ve faced all year. Can’t wait to get back out there in the spring.
Oct 4, 2018
Sounds great.

And sounds similar to my daughter. We're a brand new 10U team with almost all 9 year olds. My daughter went from knowing nothing 6 months ago to pitching half our games. All with good coaching and lots of hard practice. Like you, we have to focus on cutting down the walks dramatically but I'm so proud. Watching her modestly fist pump after a strikeout almost makes me tear up. So great seeing them prosper and have confidence.

However, we're 100% girl pitch, no max run rules and playing C+ (where we belong for now).
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Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
I do not have answers but once DD got off modified coach pitch some quit, DD practiced.

Probably her biggest softball change.

Good luck to her, sounds like a good start.

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