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DD’s new 20 yard sprint personal best

Feb 13, 2020
Time for a very shameless brag. We timed my DD (18) today and timed her at a 2.73. This is her fastest time ever and we’re all so proud. Over the years she’s been working her hardest trying to trim down her time. She’s always been around that 2.9 mark but about 2ish years ago she decided she wanted to be faster. Ever since then we’ve been working really hard on speed and it’s so amazing to know it paid off and she managed to shave almost .2 seconds off of her time. Of course this is all hand timed and video timed since we don’t have access to laser timing methods. So take it all with a grain of salt. However, both got around 2.73 so I mean don’t add too much salt. Also DD says hi. I’m gonna go back to bed because waking up at 6 to time her was way too early for me. Sadly though my DD is a morning person.
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