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A little more fun at the batter's expense

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Jun 13, 2009

You're such a dufus Hal.........BYU loves her "SNEAKY SOFTBALL PITCHING TACTICS"?????............PAAAALEASE..........

So you've been giving private lessons for over 25 years? (a guess). And you've finally got a "full ride" student......And you put it on your "signature"?..........Well congratulations on joining the rank and file! And more importantly......Congrats to HER!!!

You don't want a list of my students if that is your benchmark........It would be embarrassing to you Hal.........I certainly woudn't put them in my "signature" on here..........They earn the scholarships, not me......Besides, the list wouldn't fit..........:rolleyes:

Name dropping to impress me??? Them?? Who??.........

Ok........Here......."Mike White"..........Ever heard of him? He took over the program that one my full ride students played for. She was a sophomore when he came in........Kept her......And her full ride.........

Not true........If her mechanics were sound........She got out of Rec Ball WITHOUT the "fairy-wave" and "nose-pick" distractions........

And I'll guarantee you the "fairy-wave" etc. isn't what got the attention of the BYU staff..........

You seem to miss the point..........ALWAYS.........
This is what I was talking about BM. I racked my brain trying to find this cause I remembered you saying your list was long and wouldn't fit here. But I am unable to find a direct challenge from Hal to compare or questioning if you've ever had a student acheive a D1 scholarship, so my apologies Hal.

Jul 14, 2008
No problem cg........I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss that.........

Player/Parent testimonials are a wonderful thing. They really make our work as PC's and coaches worth while........

One of my pitching students who also pitched/played for my travel teams from the age of 8yo, and went on to pitch for Chico State, is currently completing her grad studies in Sports Psychology/Coaching at SJSU.......She actually has her own website where she writes on Sports Psychology/Coaching for the public..........

So very often, the kids we work with learn more then just pitching, and the game of softball.......But are molded by the time we spend with them and the life lessons they learn.........

This stuff makes it all worth while........

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May 7, 2008
Before BYU
• Maintained a 4.0 GPA in high school
• Finished her career with a 86-6 record
• Holds the Washington state career strikeout record with 1,117 and the career home run record with 51.
• Holds the state high school single season home run record with 23 and is also the record holder in single season RBIs with 90
• In 2013, posted a 27-0 record, posting a 0.19 ERA and 345 strikeouts in 144 innings. At the plate, she hit .667 with 13 home runs, 63 runs scored, 53 RBIs, 48 walks.
• Named the Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Washington
• Threw 11 no-hitters including a streak of seven straight during the 2013 season
• Led her high school to three straight 1A titles
• Led her club softball team, the Washington Explosion Gold, to the ASA Gold National Championship tournament

Thats right, 32 full ride offers at D1 colleges.

You're calling her Dad and I liars now? What a guy you are.
Jun 13, 2009
BM, my daughter takes lessons from Bill Hillhouse. I've gotten to know Bill over the years as we make idle chit chat during our lessons. While I don't know if you have a website for your information or not, I think most of us know that Bill does have one. In our conversations over the years, he told one of the most common questions he's asked is why doesn't he put a page up of students who have gone onto college (and beyond) and his answer is eerily similar to your own: the girls did the work. Every student gets the same info and same training, what they do it with is up to them. And he feels he would be taking credit for their hard work but posting that info. I had never thought of it like that until he said so, and while I don't agree with him on that, I know he feels strongly about that position. He has even told me that he has "lost business" from people who've inquired about clinics but wanted to see/hear a list. He simply refuses to talk about it but I do know of many of his students who are in college now, including one who has just signed with Alabama.

BM, I thank you for your posts. They are very much in line (different terminology of course) with what she is being taught. And I appreciate the humor in many of the others who are regulars on here. I even appreciate Hal's comments, as they serve as a reminder of what I don't want her to do. :) (sorry Hal, take it as humor).

Feb 19, 2009
I can sum up what I've learned from this thread as follows:

Flatulence in female youth fastpitch players: Moderately amusing.
Flatulence in adult male fastpitch players: Not so much.
Pitching instructor student testimonials on their websites: Expected and necessary to grow business.
Pitching instructor promoting students on a web forum to gain credibility for themselves: Bad form.

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