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2021 HS Grad Check-in


Jersey Girl
May 27, 2013
Just wanted to start a fun thread. 😊 I was just wondering how many 2021 grads we have moving on to play in college next year? Share as much or as little as you’d like.

I’ll start. Dd was recruited to play for a D3 program. She has been given a “slot” and full coach support, but ultimately the decision still lies with admissions. Nervously awaiting the ED date!
Aug 29, 2016
DD will be off to play at a D3 this next fall. This was her choice due to academics/school size/proximity and probably the best fit skill wise. Glad she was ahead of the game with recruiting and visits. With most things shut down, many of her 2021 teammates are a bit stuck at the moment. Seems like the girls that were ahead of the game talking to coaches were able to get offered at their desired schools, but those that have waited are scrambling or screwed.
Dec 6, 2019
Mine has a couple different D3 options on the table. Trying to broaden the options. A couple coaches have said if they've never seen her play in person then there will be no interest. Others are "very interested" based on skills video. One offered a tryout if she enrolls at the school. She's obviously late with reaching out to some of these schools. Trying to figure out how to navigate it all without the ability to be seen and the inability of the schools to have their typical winter clinics. She's at least got 2 places where she knows she has a roster spot if she wants one.
Apr 28, 2014
I've posted about DDs story but am very happy that she took her time to decide what school she wanted to attend. In the end her choice was the school she wanted to go since she was 13 and walked on campus for the first time. It's a D1 program but IMO she would have selected it no matter what division, as that matters very little to her. She loves the coaches who both coached and played ball in our home state of PA before heading to South Carolina. She developed a great relationship with the coaching staff by attending camps since she was 14. Her play at 14 wasn't nearly good enough in my opinion to warrant any interest but she kept at it and steadily improved and got it done in the classroom big time. During her hot times people ask me why she didn't choose a P5 school and when she struggles we sometimes wonder if she can cut it at a mid major. At the end of the day the fact that she would attend the school even if she didn't play softball is enough for me.
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