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Thread: Rh pitcher missing short and right often

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    Default Rh pitcher missing short and right often

    What could cause this...maybe stepping across?

    A hand path like a screw ball...missing right with curve ball inside on a rh batter. Rh pitcher.

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    Could be lots of things. Hard to tell without seeing video.

    One thing to look at is if she is getting the ball stuck behind her, then having to go around her hip at the last second. She doesn't want to hit herself so her hand starts moving out away and that sets the direction of the pitch. Combine that with a bit of an early release and everything is short and down.

    She could also be twisting her wrist outward as she goes into release, or at least pointing the palm of her hand in that direction. Could be the delivery is good but she is striding across the power line. Could be her body is over-rotated at release.

    As I said, lots of possibilities. That's why I always say left-right is more challenging to a pitcher than up-down. Not as many things cause you to throw too high or low.
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    My daughter has had this problem since 12u and now she is moving up to 16u. She still has this problem, but now knows how to correct it. My daughter is a right handed pitcher, as well. The problem is that her left shoulder opens up too far (and plant foot is way to the left of center) and then tries to over compensate at ball delivery throwing it like a screwball. If this is the issue with your daughter, simply have her plant foot land closer to the imaginary center line or even just to the right (this will keep her shoulder closed). This sounds counter-intuitive, but it brings back all the fundamentals and will allow her to start hitting those outside spots with proper spin and movement.

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    For my DD, it means she let her upper body(weight) go with her front leg, which puts her in an awkward position with the ball stuck behind her at release.

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