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Thread: winter break?

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    Most health and fitness experts agree that the body needs at least 1 interrupted month of downtime to heal per year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by starsnuffer View Post
    Most health and fitness experts agree that the body needs at least 1 interrupted month of downtime to heal per year.


    When we take into account that many fastpitch pitchers start their preseason workout in January and continue through the high school season and then end in August at Nationals, this time frame of over seven months is longer than a Major League Baseball Season. And for those whose high school season is in the fall, their season is even longer ending in October.

    So no wonder fastpitch softball pitchers get fatigued, have chronic nagging injuries and even career ending injuries from over use and lack of proper rest.

    Between summer season, off season workouts, pitching practice, pitching lessons, learning new pitches, summer ball and for older players, the high school season, there never seams to be a good time to take a break.

    The cycling rest system over a full year would look something like this.
    • One full day of rest every week.
    • Then once a month three consecutive days of rest.
    • Then once a quarter five to seven consecutive days rest.
    • Then once a year a full three weeks to one month of rest.

    Continue: Read the full article: Cycling Rest System for Fast Pitch Pitchers

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    Living in SE TX makes it hard for pitchers to take time off here. They play year long.
    I take a week off the week school starts and have a mandatory NO PITCHING week for all pitchers except beginners. It also includes an extra 2-3 weeks after that as voluntary rest.

    During December I take 2 weeks off and call that mandatory NO PITCHING and the same as after summer, and extra 1-2 weeks can be added voluntarily.

    I have some kids that it's hard to get them to take this time off because there is always a tournament looming in the distance.

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