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    Hey Starstuffer. I follow your posts here on discussfastpitch, and you sound like one of the people who knows what he is talking about. I have been coaching softball for 3 years at the k-3rd grade. I am moving up in age level and will be teaching pitching pretty soon. Can you direct me in the right direction for a good place to start as far as books/videos? I have seen the USA video, which Mike White recommended to me, since I live here in Eugene, but Cat Osterman throws a screwball for her fastball, which seems like a tough place to start for an 8 or 9 year old. My daughter loves throwing and she is 8. I just have her grip it however and she has a basic windmill and does pretty well just having fun with it. I want to teach her a beginning fastball pretty soon, but feel like the screwball isn't the place to start. Should she be spinning the ball from the start? Thanks, Jim
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