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    There was a test shown by Joey Myers of Catapult loading system, The test was standing with the shoulders square and trying to lift a 45 pnd weight straight forward, shoulder raise. The weight is heavy for that type of lift. Then he took a step with the opposite leg and lifted the weight with much less effort.

    So he introduced momentum to the lift and made the lift easy. How much does this apply to no stride vs stride in swinging a bat/implement?

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    You don't see too many little guys hitting HRs without leg kick and stride. Think Altuve or Donaldson. But bigger men with very short or no stride can hit HRs. Think Albert. Momentum is not a bad word.

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    Having not seen the drill described...was it momentum that made it easier, or did stepping back increase the length of the "lever" he was using to lift with? I'm only asking because what I'm picturing in my head from that written description reads not so much that momentum was applied, and but rather a different lever and/or leverage point (fulcrum) was applied. Could be way wrong about that though once I see it, and get a better idea of exactly what was happening in the manner of lift or lifting he was doing.

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