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Video Camera for recording games and at bats?

Apr 29, 2019
What are you using for a camera and tri-pod setup to record games and at bats? I've been doing some research online but hoping you can provide some feedback.
Thank you
Jul 27, 2015
Go Pro and Lynkspyder is what I use.

And #1 rule - take time to set it up so it is level and with not much fence. That stuff drives me insane. Rant over.

Then you have to get an external battery, a pouch to put the battery in , usb cord, super big card so you can record lots of games. Then of course, you may want to get video editing software.

It is expensive but worth it.
Jul 31, 2013
What we advise is based on what you primarily want to do:

For just recording, we recommend GoPro. At this time, due to some of the stability (crashing not shake reduction) we still recommend the HERO5 Black. We are testing some new updates that may have fixed the stability issues with the HERO7, but we are not yet complete. If you go with a GoPro, stay away from the non-Black models. The Black models are their flagship cameras and have adjustable Field Of View (FOV). The White and Silver cameras only have wide FOV. It is far too wide, the action will be too deep, and you will most certainly capture fence in your shot.

For streaming and recording, we recommend the MEVO Plus. Great little camera that does a really good job of both functions. However, it is not as rugged as the GoPro and certainly not water proof.

Mostly streaming and/or recording small snips, we recommend a smartphone.

For shooting from the outfield with a zoom, we have been playing with a Panasonic Lumix ZS200 compact camera that records 4K. Does a great job but will not charge USB while on.

I hope this helps.
Aug 6, 2019
Purchased a new GoPro w/LinkSpyder. External battery for charging and 128gb card. A month after purchasing it the daughter got her first out of the park HR. Best money I spent. I would also set it up for Facebook live for the G-Parents to see her play.

In the summer when it was around 90 I did have issues with heat. I read but I havent tried is to remove the internal battery and just run off external. I will have to wait til next summer to test.
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May 24, 2013
So Cal
Camera - recording only: GoPro 5 Black
Camera - recording and streaming: Mevo Plus
Camera - streaming only: iPhone

Fence mount: LynkSpyder or Fence Clip

Recommended accessories: Sandisk Extreme MicroSD card 64g or larger. External battery pack (power bank).
Apr 29, 2019
I like the idea of the Lynkspyder, has anyone been told to remove it from the fence? Or had anyone complain it was a distraction etc...? Where are you guys mounting them behind the catcher or in the outfield?

4 girl's dad

Finding my way
Apr 5, 2013
In the stands...
There have been posts here about being asked to remove it but in reality, its a public place and there really isn’t anything they can do. Yes, you could comply but it would not finish well if it was asked of me.

Never been told its a distraction by anyone. Ive seen as many as 4 at time on the fence. I record DD’s games and will send good plays to other players, especially HR’s but I do it mostly for DD’s plays. GoPro changed their app and editing is a beast now. I’m sure there are other ways to do it but their software was easy until the update. Ive been recording going on 4 years and have the lynkspyder, hero5, external battery and very very rarely have issues. I’m looking at the 128 cards for ease. I have 3 64’s, and 4 32’s from back in the day. Usually can get a long tourney weekend on 3 cards.

I mount just to the left of Home plate so I can see all of DD’s swing. I wish I had two of them to get a front side view as well.

Good luck!
May 24, 2013
So Cal
I like the idea of the Lynkspyder, has anyone been told to remove it from the fence? Or had anyone complain it was a distraction etc...? Where are you guys mounting them behind the catcher or in the outfield?
I have not been asked to remove my camera. It's pretty typical for multiple cameras to be hanging from the fence. The record number I've seen for one game is 8.

My preferred spot is on the backstop fence, just a little beyond the outside line of the right batter's box (the box a lefty hitter would stand in), and about as high as I can reach from the ground. This gives me a good view of the batters in both boxes, and a clear view of the catcher (my DD's position) most of the time. With a LH hitter, the ump will block the view of the C.

Here's an example of the view I like...

The pic quality issues in this ^^^ video are related to live-streaming over Wi-Fi. You wont have that issue if you're just recording.
Apr 16, 2013
What Eric said. I've been recording every game my DD plays in for several years now. I use a LynkSpyder and a real handheld camcorder. (LS sells an extra add on bracket for it.) Never once been asked for it to be removed. Placement, Eric has it dead on. I put it up as high as I can and bend the bracket down a tad. Put it behind the lefty batter's side since most batters are righty. You'll see a lot more of the pitch and location. If you put it right behind the ump you won't see the pitch location at all.

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