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Power Carbons ARE HERE!!!!

May 12, 2016
Would you please let us know how Mizuno responds? My daughter has a new PC 32/23 and has been complaining about vibration as well ... on balls that look to be squared up and hit hard. I just assumed the feel of the bat was “different” than her older xeno and that maybe it would take a little while for her to adjust (bat does seem to be at least as hot as her xeno, so no obvious issues there). I didn’t think about trying it myself using the “dad fungo” method, but I’ll do that today ...

I can imagine Mizuno having a factory/build quality issue that affects a small percentage of bats off the line ... anything mass produced will result in units that aren’t “optimal” in terms of performance. I just hope if the vibration you are experiencing is a known issue, Mizuno will address it for the benefit of affected customers.
Is yours the 2020 or 2019 model?
Jun 28, 2017
DD has been swinging her PC20, from core, For a couple weeks now, and hasn't complained once of vibration. She's coming from a CF8.
She was a little skeptical of the sound at first, but hasn't said a word about it lately. First impressions have been really good with the bat as far as pop.

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