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Power Carbons ARE HERE!!!!

Jun 28, 2017
Any user updates on new PC? We have the F19, but thinking about getting the F20.
So far so good, DD loves it. Been mostly in the cage and T work, but hoping the weather let's us her some games in this week. By the naked eye, it looks like the ball is jumping better then her Demo
May 12, 2016
Only been able to hit soft toss and off the tee so far... DD can't tell if similar or better performance than Ghost... we need front toss on the field for more feedback. One thing we both know is it feels very smooth. In the garage, the Ghost sounds so loud, it's very intimidating, the PC has it's own unique sound, but similar to my DD's 2015 Xeno. All hits off the PC in the garage so far have felt good, but on occasion my DD looked at me and said that's the hardest ball I ever hit. She said it feels like the ball sinks into her bat, which I believe is the trampoline effect. Just so you have context, my DD is hitting a 32/22 2019 PC. We just sent back her 32/22 Ghost because it was cracked. She loves the PC so far, hoping to hit the field Wednesday for some real measurable feedback .
Nov 16, 2017
Just got a 32/22 from Core. Took it to hit off tee and in cage. Took a few swings for DD to adjust from 32 -10 ghost. Our experience is it is the loudest bat she has ever used. The ghost is loud but is sounds closer to wood where this bat sounds like the loudest Xeno/ lxt you have ever heard. Higher pitched metallic like sound. Still really cool. Ball jumps off bat great. This is just guessing but it looks like her bat speed may be up a bit over the ghost.
Mar 13, 2010
Anyone got a video showing the sound?

Core are you able to advise the model number? Shop here can price me one up but need that for obvious reasons.

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