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pop time

May 7, 2015
Interesting, DDs team had an AC for the fall (GD of a player) who swore that if the throw did not reach in the air, it meant it was horrible. DD gets rid of it very quick, but routinely bounces it (throw with almost no arc to it though), he kept insisting she must reach in air. He said he had coached older girls for many years, I wonder how many of them had a great velocity and reached in the air, but horrible times because of big windup and poor transition.

I told to her nod her head and keep getting rid of it quickly and throwing on a rope even if they bounced to get there.
DD's coach who is VERY VERY picky, doesn't care 1 iota as long as the ball gets there fast and is not high and off line. High is terrible, you might as well throw it into the outfield.

Rule #1 - it has to get there fast.... like really fast.
Rule #2 - Short hops good, intermediate hops ok (hard on the SS), long hops good. Off line, no good. High, that's your invitation to run a foul pole!
Aug 2, 2019
One time I had a Dad AC. He was throwing overhand for soft toss BP. I walked over and asked him to toss underhand so it was closer to simulating a pitcher in softball. He tried he couldn't throw, pitch, toss underhand to save his life. He didn't get to toss BP anymore. ;)
This is the exact reason I ended up as an AC on my daughters first rec teams. No other dad could toss BP underhand. I asked the 6'4" HC why he was tossing BP overhand to our team (mostly around 4'0" girls), and he said, Hey man, if you can do it, by all means...