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Pause at the top of throw.

Apr 8, 2019
Just chiming in here to support that Wasserman's videos, e-books, etc are worth the (relatively low) cost. The drills are uncluttered with useless movement and teach the girls what it feels like to execute a fluid, high-level throw. The more fluid her movements, the faster she'll be.
Jul 17, 2012
Kenmore, WA
Wasserman has some great stuff. I love his video and writings. One key to getting the pause out is to get the arm lagging the body. The sequence that was mentioned starting with the feet and ending with the hand/ball is correct. The throw, like the pitch, or the swing, starts from the ground and builds to the ball. I have talked with my teams about loading or stretching six rubber bands. The first is in the legs, then the core, the upper arm, the lower arm, the hand, and the fingers. They go in that order and if the upper arm gets loaded before the core there will be a pause in the arm. It is better if the arm is moving very fast to catch up with the core.
If you have someone on the team, or on the coaching staff with good throwing mechanics use them as an example and then show the girls videos of themselves throwing to compare and contrast.

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