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Once the Olympics ended...


May 7, 2008
So did the posts on this site.

It is dead here.

So what is everyone doing now that the season is over?
Enjoying the new students I have accepted into my academy. Especially the two 7 year olds. Man they are a blast. They have so much energy and learn quick. Every time we set a goal and they reach it, it seems like christmas.

Spending a lot of time with the new born grand son Brandon. That makes 5 grand kids. 2 boys and 3 girls.

Finally, vounteering at the local Community College as an assistant softball coach and pitching coach. So I am busy for a retired military guy but enjoying every second.


Aug 21, 2008
Boston, MA
I am enjoying my time off before winterball starts Nov 1.

-this means attending soccer games on the weekends and teaching my 8 yo DD how to play goal in soccer and do a layup in BB.
(Also planning for my spring team next year.)
Jul 20, 2008
What do you mean by over?

We're playin' ball! Tourney this weekend. One 10/11 and the last one for the year on 10/18.
Jun 16, 2008
A little burned out so I'm not coaching this fall for the first time in several years.
First fall of 12U for DD. She's still only 10, but there's no reason to play 10U when she has to move up this spring. But, she's playing against some much older competition. Her first tournament was a revelation.
The move from 35' to 40' and the change to the 12" ball locked up her brain so we've been working to get her change up back. It was a wicked pitch last season. It turned into a slowpitch arc at 40'.
We also have some tourneys left. We usually go until about Halloween.

Let the phone calls begin. I am sure you are busy as well. When school starts everybody is ready to get going with the fall/winter lesson period. I am moving into a new building in October so the business and my 2 boys are keeping me busy. I try to get on at least once a day so everybody keep posting. I love the opportunity to talk softball with other people in the world. Happy posting!
May 5, 2008
Taking a break! LOL

Of course, the kids want to go practice in the back yard - they aren't at that point where they want a break yet.

Running the Hillhouse clinics - tomorrow is the last day.

Other than that, working on some cool projects for AAF.

Anyone who is a parent that's been through the college recruiting process and wants to help with one of them, contact me. ;)

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