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Just Gloves - 100 Day no longer free

Oct 5, 2018
Looks like they now charge a fee to have the 100 day insurance policy. If you keep the glove you get store credit good for a year for that amount.

If you return the glove, the way I read it, you're out the fee and get refunded for the price of the glove.

The glove I pulled up it was $29.99 for the insurance.

Bummer. Was great while it lasted and I wondered how they could do it. I guess the fee makes up the depreciation when they sell used.
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Not a glove person but DD has an akadema mitt, I doubt she will have anything else.

I had an issue with them, immediately resolved. Customer service was outstanding.
Oct 1, 2014
Hadn't heard that yet, thx for sharing. Only bought one glove from there (an All Star) and my DD loved it (still does) so didn't use the free look but it definitely factored in to my decision when buying.


Wilson = Evil Empire
DFP Vendor
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
A returned product def costs you money as you cant sell as new. With a glove, its a little less
as the price/cost isnt as high as a bat and not such a killer. So a 249 glove costs 150. You could still prob sell for cost and not lose. But its a lot to do to break even...considering you also shipped the glove to the person too. So the 30 bucks prob helps to not make it useless...and it prob goes up with the more expensive the glove you pick.

You also may be missing the main reason for the fee...this may be just a thing to keep window shoppers from just getting a glove to try out, with all intent to never keep it. So the fee may just be filtering
some people out right away that have no intent to buy. Now the percentage of people that become
buyers/keepers that do this program go way up.
Jul 29, 2013
North Carolina
I never understood the 100 day tryout. I'd have a good idea if it
was a keeper in about 30 seconds.
When they first came out with this promotion, I 100% thought it was nothing more than a sales gimmick, and the first of it’s kind ever offered.

And then, the way my mind works, I thought if there’s the absolute perfect glove that I love and I know works perfectly for me, I’ll buy three of them and put them up before they discontinue!

I’ve honestly never bought a glove from them before, but I know there’s guys here who have benefited from this promotion.

Wonder how long it took the bean counters to figure out profits and losses before they originally started this? And now it looks like the bean counters have said enough!

Core would know more about this than me, with a deep pocket glove company like JG, and the crazy volume of gloves they buy from the manufacturers, wonder what kind of “extra” discounts they get just from the sheer volume they buy and move?

Wonder what the percentage of customers are who bought three and kept all three, or kept two?

This promo was definitely a win win for the consumer!


Wilson = Evil Empire
DFP Vendor
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Well, im thinking this wasn't a huge thing for them...or they would have kept going without the "fee".
What I mean is, if you sent 500 gloves a year out for this program, and only 10 were sent back, who cares about the 10 sent
back, the program was doing awesome and you made big coin on the sales to eat a couple gloves you probably at worst, sold
for cost later. BUT, if you sent 500 gloves out, and 10-20% are being sent back, now you may rethink your program. Now that
is a lot of gloves you are busting your azz to sell for cost because they are used and the amount of shipping you ate as well.

To me, a glove is a bit diff than a bat. When you buy a glove, you usually know what you want and are buying to keep. Not too many glove peeps are buying sight unseen and no knowledge of the product. I am betting they got quite a few window shoppers and the
bean counters said, hey, if we attach a decent fee on to this program, it will cut out most of the "just wanna feel a glove" people.
I bet you had people doing it more than with one glove also. Then not buy the glove from them. So you attach a 30-50 dollar fee
and now the "feelers" don't take advantage of you anymore. They now will go to an outlet or somewhere and feel the glove.

And AD, I will bet they had more people trial run 3 gloves and bought none. Which is why the program change.
Oct 5, 2018
At least it looks like there are still free returns and unused gloves I can be returned for full refund. So could still buy a few and put your hand in them and keep the one you think you'll like without paying the fee. This is essentially what we have done anyway.

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