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Is this hitting aid any good?

Apr 20, 2018

I think it has value. His main idea (my interpretation of it, anyway) is to learn how and what the torso does to power the swing. Take the arms and hands out of it until you can figure out the main source of power. I made my DD a rebel rack before he offered a x -small (Home Depot) and with a mirror I believe she learned a lot about how to power a swing. What do you think of the extended version? Might help hitters understand tilting into pitch height/location?
Jan 28, 2017
Never seen the rack bat added but without it, like any product it can be used wrong and teach kids to spin. Not a fan of BR hitting style but doesn't mean it's wrong. Have used the PVC pipe and feel it can do the same thing basically. Your shoulders will be a little further back with the PVC pipe.