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House of Pitching in Dallas

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Aug 21, 2008
I know it's a slippery slope when people start advertising on this forum (there's others for that within this message board) but, I wanted to make sure the message was reached by those interested. I am going to do some pitching lessons in the Dallas area June 7-9. Please email me bill at houseofpitching dot comm (misspelled to make it past the sensors) for info and scheduling. In year's past, I would routinely get students from Washington DC, Washington State, Denver, Wisconsin, Florida, etc. to make the trip to Dallas because I had a great facility to use, multiple and cheap airports to fly into, and people could schedule multiple days. Again, I'm sorry if this turns out to be eliminated and a bad decision to post but, my first jump back into the private sector after college... I was hoping this would be a good place to advertise as people have come from all over Texas and WAYYY beyond when I've been there. And my plan is to make it a regular thing, so lest anyone think they'd get 1 lesson (or however many) then go back to never seeing me again (unless you choose to). ha ha. So, please email me with interest and questions. And to answer one straight away: yes I could do live batting. NO I'm not a hitting coach but, I can throw live batting at any speed you'd like with the ability to throw more velocity and/or movement than anyone your DD would see at college, and the ability to teach the beginning phases of how to pick pitchers. Obviously spaces for those slots would be extremely limited. But, not to be immodest, batting off my riseball will make anyone she's facing seem quite a bit less intimidating. And no... I don't just blitz the ball by her. I can tone it down to whatever she's comfortable with. Anyway... i digress. Dallas, surrounding cities, surrounding states, or anywhere.. if interested in a roadtrip to Dallas email me. I may try to come in on Thursday to see those who have games Sat/Sun. Details will follow with emails.

Not open for further replies.

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