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F21 Mizuno Carbon 1

Jun 19, 2016
The power carbon is the only one I know about. It is a well balanced bat that is pretty close to sticker weight. The only girl I know that swings it got it from Core and really likes the bat. I think it would be like an lxt on a diet. It has been a huge bat for her.


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Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
I dont think its a diet as is performance, think it hits with any bat if you get the right weight. Problem is, if you swing a 33/23 of most bats and you g to a 33/23 PC, the PC will most likely be lighter than those.

As for the Carbon1...lost of college girls like it...because a lot of them dont mind feedback as one piece bats
naturally will provide more feedback than multi-piece bats. Thats why you dont hear much on the Carbon1. Carbon one has all the insides that the PC has.
Oct 1, 2014
My DD's have loved theirs and are ready for another to hopefully use this year in college. They swing a -9 Mizuno PC to get the weight and feel they want.

ETA - sorry, skipped right over the part about the Carbon 1 ... no real world experience with that bat although we'd love to demo one!
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Jun 24, 2016
Love the F21 PC! Yes you have to find the perfect size/weight for your daughter though. It makes a huge difference. I never thought my kid would swing a drop 9. Definitely consider one...I would put it against all of the big name bats!
Jun 28, 2019
DD just started using a Carbon 1 today. She likes the Xeno better (this is her response to any bat she swings). She's using it because she breaks her Xeno about every 6-9 months the connection starts to loosen up and the bat gets a bit floppy. Couple months ago I found a f20- Carbon 1 for about $150. It's a one piece so it's stiff. A Xeno which I'm told is stiff for a two piece. Today her coach said she shouldn't use the Xeno it was too floppy. First pitch a double over RF head. So after a bucket or two and one game swing it's doing well.
Jan 8, 2019
DD swings a 33/23 PC and carries a 33/24 Carbon1 for cage work and backup. (Thanks Core on both counts!)

The PC is her fav, but can be unforgiving off the sweet spot, and she is still trying to solidify some fundamentals so has been prone to missing lately (obviously, not an issue with the bat).

The C1 hits pretty much the same, but DD won't admit it. So, she complains that the sound is different, which it is.

Also, DD does well with the feedback on both bats. It has helped her better understand when she mis-hits. Still working on self-diagnosing the problems, but at least she can recognize that there is one.

Btw, her old 32 PC is now in the hands of one of her teammates, who is now also a big Mizuno fan. She loves it!

Bottom line, the next new bat in this house will still likely be a Mizuno from Core.

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