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DD needs to be angry to be at her best

Apr 18, 2017
My DD is never one that would be accused of not giving effort in practice or games (first year of 14U btw). I have however noticed a pattern of better performance when she is angry (maybe angry is a little strong). She always seems to have a little extra at the plate and in the field after getting a hard tag, or striking out on a bad called 3rd strike. This stretches across all sports that she plays. Plays better after getting fouled hard in basketball, even to the point of jumping her personal best in long jump after girls were cutting in front of her in the jump line. HC will even tell her things like “There’s no way you can hit it past their outfielders” in order to initiate that spark. She realizes all of this, and we would both like to know how to extract that intensity without there needing to be a trigger for it.
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
If DD gets angry watch out, SB hall of fame here she comes.

Do not know anwser but I get worried she might hurt someone.

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