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DD Journey starts again.

May 4, 2016
Last fall my DD had strained her UCL and was advised not to throw for 3 months. So unfortunately she had to set out the fall season, at first the coach was understanding and fine with the decision. However about a month later he called said she would be too far behind the other girls and he needed roster space, whatever that means. Keep in mind this team won one tournament game in spring and fall combined. Needless to say she was pretty upset. A month later after her arm had healed she guest played for a team. She played ok considering the rust and was instantly offered a spot on the team. She also tried out for a top A team was asked to join.

However, just after receiving that invitation she told me softball was no longer fun and she didn't want to play anymore. I was shocked how sad this made me feel, but I didn't want to force her to do anything. So we told both teams thanks but that was going to quit playing and we stopped hitting lessons. In the spring I was signing her brother up for the local parks and rec non-competitive baseball league and jokingly asked if I should sign her up for non-competitive softball, and she surprisingly said sure. So she played the spring on a team of girls who couldn't catch or throw and most didn't want to even be there, but her joy for the game was back. The lack of competition did start to take toll on her however so she decided she was ready to really play again.

This fall she restarted hitting lessons and found a 14U team coached by a couple of area softball coaches. With this team she has already had more instructions than the rest of her playing time combined. So long story short (I know too late) she played in her first competitive tournament in over a year last weekend. She went 8 for 10 with no K's, 6 singles and two doubles and 5 rbi. She also caught two games with no passed balls and no steals. The best part however is she has joy when she plays again.
Dec 2, 2013
Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Sometime that flame becomes a flicker, but if there is oxygen present that flicker can grow back into a flame.

I don't know if I shared this story or not but it rings true to the OP. 2 years ago a Senior on DD's team decided that she only wanted to be a NARP (Non Athletic Regular Person) at a Very Large school in Texas. So she quit in the middle of the fall ball season. Fast forward to a College Showcase where college games are interspersed while the TB teams play. I run into this girl's father and I couldn't figure out why is there. He tells me that his DD was in college and really missed playing ball. She got in touch with the coaches down the highway and long story short, she transferred and is on the fall roster for that team.

No two journeys are the same.

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