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DD 11yr old batting practice

May 24, 2013
So Cal
The first thing that jumps out at me is her shift-then-swing pattern. She is shifting her weight to her front foot and then launching the swing. What we see in the best hitters is shift-AND-swing, where the swing is what is creating the shift of weight off the back side. She's clearly a very strong young athlete, and is probably very successful at this age. However, as the level of competition rises, I expect she will struggle more and more with changes of speed. The shift to the front is a commitment that is hard to adjust from.

Changing this is going to be difficult because it is a change in her fundamental movement pattern. Learning how to ride the rear leg on the move forward, and maintain control with the rear hip, is an important piece of the puzzle.
Aug 20, 2017
Teach her to get some rhythm with the pitcher. I teach players to slowly sink the back knee and post up against it when the pitcher starts moving. She needs some type of negative movement. The timing of the negative move can be adjusted based on how hard the pitcher is throwing. Slower pitchers wait to move when ball is at top of circle. Harder pitchers move when pitcher moves. Do dry drills first. Tell her to get her stance and rhythm. Then tell her to sink ensuring back knee does not move over back foot and stays inside of it. She should feel tension in her legs. Then progress to a pitcher throwing into a screen in front of her while she is on a tee. Have her sink on the pitchers movement, stride and swing as soon as ball is released. Then incorporate the negative move into BP either on front Toss, pitching machine or live pitcher. This is just what I teach. Hope that helps!
Feb 16, 2015
South East
I think she looks great!!! I agree with Eric on the shifting to soon but it isn’t like she is diving onto that front leg.... I personally would just try and really challenge her during PB and she would probably figure it out on her own. The below was posted by another member maybe this will help you understand the shifting to frontside. Read post #37 of this thread especially the bold part.


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Nov 18, 2015
Should the hips also rotate more? They stop turning at contact. Also looks like she loses a lot of the coil in the front leg as soon as she moves forward - may be why the hip doesn’t get all the way around (there’s no more “coil” left in the torso to unwind).

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Jan 6, 2009
Pacific NW

There's no such thing as weight shift. There is preparing to swing, FBC to the launch position and then swing (weight shifting against the front leg). Sheffield is coiling, FBC, preparing the launch position and your daughter is shifting the weight forward in a non-stopping releasing the back side immediately. She isn't preparing the swing and then initiating the swing like Sheffield. Sheffield prepares and then in mid air or close to toe touch he initiates the swing. The launch position is the coiled position.

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