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DD 11yr old batting practice

Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
Momentum base swing that doesn't take use of the momentum:

Reminds me of a BR trained hitter.

Except Bell Doesn't SWING all her WEIGHT to her front side/leg. So, no not even close to the same.
I see your point. I prefer the black sweatshirt swing more. The hands don’t leak forward in those swings. At least from what I remembered. Hard to tell.
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It wasn't me.
Jun 5, 2010
Not here.

Same type of swing but with out as much forward momentum. Still shift THEN swing and what is with the 'forced' /coach finish. Hard to be long through the ball when hitter is worried about having the same coached finish.
Does the rotation differs if she is hitting outside river pitches? We mainly focus on that location
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Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
I don’t use shift then swing. I prefer not ‘centering’ her swing. Because timing can make a swing look that way when it’s not. But I understand the term. So it could be as easy as getting some ‘load’ or gather into the ground. While keeping the COM centered. Resistance some say. She definitely doesn’t get ‘back’.

Or maybe widen her stance a tad to keep her more at a 55/45 at gather then the 45/55 shes at presently. She will use less momentum and more of her core to create the load.
If she lowers her COG she can control it much easier. The trade off is less mobility but more control. Try one or the other imo.
Sep 17, 2009
She looks like she (you both) like to work. I imagine you are behind a screen throwing front-toss. Mix in disguised change-ups. How does she deal with them? She is getting out on her front leg because she knows the timing of your toss. A change-up per Eric early in this thread should show her why that's an issue. She'll leap out, her hands will leak and she'll have nothing left to swing with.

The thought should be on riding the rear leg, early and slow (especially in an instruction situation) while pulling the upper against it. The *purpose* of the front leg should be to be a counterbalance to help control or meter the move out. I like a front-leg "hover" as a cue for how to work that, but hitters use the front leg in all kinds of ways -- leg kick, foot up and down, up on toe and down, etc

See if those things make sense to her, mix up fast and change, and see how that works for her. Then dive into this forum to find sequence and loading cues to really help her take full advantage of her athleticism. Keep up the good work :)
May 20, 2017
Thanks all I appreciate all the help and great insights on hitting. Here’s a few game at bats. I take her to hitting a coach just easier on our relationship to not be the only one coaching her. I coach so the camera angle isn’t ideal. Her timing causes her problems she is quick to the ball but strides late so by the time her front foot heal plant the ball is on her. We played one triple crown tournament and she had successes but when she didn’t it was late start in her stride. I will find a strike out, surprisingly those at bats usually disappear lol

Jan 6, 2009
Pacific NW
She doesn't weight shift in the game swings as much. This is pretty common to see, weight shift in BP and no weight shift in a game swing.
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May 24, 2013
So Cal
From what we've seen so far, she's a very impressive young athlete. Good coaching will help her continue to be a powerful force on the field.

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