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Creativity Requested

Jun 1, 2015
Howdy all. Hoping to strike upon some creative chords for a good cause. My 16U summer squad wants to do a breast cancer awareness fundraiser this season. Our goal is to raise funds through a season-long "hit"-related fundraiser. Similar to home-run derbies or "hit-a-thons", our goal is to get sponsors (individuals/businesses) for either flat donations or to provide donations per hit our team records through our season (e.g. $0.10/hit, $0.25/hit, etc). We are also planning on selling t-shirts as well that have designs already created. We will then collect all funds (shirt and game-related), pool the funds, and make a donation on behalf of the team to a cancer-related organization of our collective choosing (ACS, SGK, etc.)

One of my colleagues and mentors (and a big reason I got into coaching softball) passed away in January 2018 from breast cancer after nearly a 15 year fight, and I've been looking for an appropriate way to help raise awareness and also honor her and others like her in an appropriate manner. I want to use it as a moment to show my girls there's always something bigger than the game of softball, and to show them how if they want to reach a goal, they have to work hard for it. The harder they work, the more they can achieve in a great cause.

While still in the initial phases of planning, where I really need help is in coming up with a creative, alliterative name for this fundraiser that we can put on our shirts. I've thought of some slogans like "Bats for the Battle" or "Cuts for a Cure", but I'm curious what others might have that could be just as creative (I'm no creative guru at all). Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
Feb 4, 2015
First of all, I want to applaud your effort to raise funds for cancer research. It's a terrible disease that effects everyone in some way. And the girls will have a lot of pride in being a special organization that is more than just playing softball.
Stand up to Cancer is an org where 100% of donations go to support research. It's also a partner of MLB, so you'll have immediate name recognition, a logo for your collateral, and support from the org.
While coming up with your own slogan might be fun, there is benefit into tying in with a known entity. StandUpToCancer.org

Just a suggestion, set a goal that donors can see how you're doing. Set up a facebook page, etc. While the $/hit will be fun for the team, you have to collect months later after the season. Take as many donations immediately, do a raffle calendar and different events throughout the season that will collect funds right there.

Good luck and let us know when you're set up!!
Jun 1, 2015
The only issue with working with the SUTC group - my team/program isn't a registered not-for-profit group. We only operate essentially from May through July (it's a summer league we play in, NOT travel ball at all), and our funds come from business sponsorships/car washes, etc. I've talked about registering with my tax preparer and she's said (repeatedly) because our annual funds are barely $1/2000 or so, it wouldn't be worth it to register. So basically this fundraiser is more a home-grown/grass-roots type campaign. Not to say I won't take a look into the SUTC group for sure.

With doing a FB event/goal, that was already planned. I'm hesitant to set a goal because I don't want disappointment if we don't reach it, but I'm also wanting to set a goal to give the girls something to fight for/aim for. Maybe sweetening the pot with incentives - "Get $2,000 and coach will dye his hair pink" or something silly like that.
Apr 19, 2019
What a great lesson you're teaching your girls. I'm new to the forum, and I work with teams to establish a consistent flow of fundraising dollars.

We do not ask our teams to sell anything. Our teams earn money, when our customers save money. We have access to some of lowest prices online for travel. Your girls would give a free website to a few friends and family. Every time someone uses the site to travel and saves money, your team earns half of the savings. So customers are happy because they save money, but also supports the team.

There is no out of pocket expense for the team. We want to help to get things rolling. Teams are not obligated to sell vacations or travel arrangements, they simply ask friends and family " the next time you go on a trip or rent a car, would you consider using my team's site and save money. You would also be supporting my team"


players give out 5 free websites each, to people they know travel. (We recommend player's family keep one, so they can save on travel.)

The team now has 100 customers

If 50 of the customers book a trip and save, the average savings is about $300.00, team gets $150 per customer.

50 customers x $150.00 = $7,500 in cash savings bonus, which goes to the team.

Why would we do this? We do make a small referral fee from the company, and I'm a parent of a high school athlete, so I know the stress of fundraisers. Also we like to see programs succeed at all levels in all sports.

Thanks for your consideration

Alton Smith


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