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Coach Jenn Starkey-Mental Toughness Clinic- Southern Illinois

Jul 25, 2011
Southern Illinois
Experts say the game of softball is 90% mental, yet we spend more of our time, money and energy on the physical skills sets of the game.

At this Mental Toughness clinic, your athlete will learn the secrets of the mental game usually taught only to elite athletes at the collegiate or professional levels.

This clinic will cover:
How to build confidence and Mental toughness
Improve intensity at practices and games
Insider information about what it is like to play collegiate softball
How to get out of slumps faster and get "In Flow" more often
How to step into a leadership role.
And much more.
(Designed for Softball Players, but applicable to any female sport)

About the Speaker:
While competing as a Division 1 softball player at her dream school, Jenn's life was unexpectedly turned upside down.
On the verge of losing everything, Jenn discovered the secrets
to success that will help you conquer any obstacle,
master the mental game and win in sports, school and life!

Coach Jenn is now a Best Selling Author and the Go-To Mentor for athletes across the country who want to take their game to the next level in all areas of life.

This clinic has been given to top programs across the country.

Head coach of SPALDING UNIVERSITY SAYS " I saw Coach Jenn engage athletes, that I NEVER thought would engage with anything!"

15-year-Old Madison from Louisville, said " My mom said she CAN't BELIEVE that this one 2 hours session has turned me into a different kid! My life is totally different now! I can't wait to keep working with Coach Jenn"

Beth Serda from Alabama says "The majority of our Lady Storm 12U team attended your seminar yesterday Going Yard Sports. From an All State high school softball player, a Jr college softball player, a coaches wife and a mom of a softball player, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to you speaking with Marlee Jones and her learning more from you. Thank you for doing this for all of the young athletes! You have a gift!"

At Best Season Ever, Jenn unpacks the best strategies of top athletes & coaches and gives them to you!

Register Today: Best Season Ever ClinicsBest Season Ever logo.jpg

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