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Best Fast Pitch Bat ?

Jul 21, 2008
With the new 09 composite bats taking a hit on there performance this make the 07/08 composite bats very popular. What is the hottest bat out there right now ????

Myself I have always like the Anderson Rocket Tech FP. Although its not a composite its still one of the hottest bats out there. Anderson has also come out with a new -10 FP bat called the Teczilla FP that has been getting some good reviews.

The Question is .....What is the hottest bat out there ?
Jul 17, 2008
in the dugout
well i would suspect that you're going to get a lot of differing opinions on this one. my dd swings a combat virus fastpitch and that bat is rediculious. i hit about 5 balls with it in the cage and just handed back to her and said take this thing before i break it. it's a nice bat.

she also has a worth mayhem fatspitch but she never used it. i really like the worth but i can't pry the combat out of her hands.

i would like to add that i am a miken, worth and combat dealer plus i can get easton and louisville slugger at special pricing as well and the combat is the one we settled on out of all of those.
Jul 21, 2008
I here all manufacturing of bats with current bat exit speed regulations must be halted sometime this year. Some companies are going back to a mix of aluminum and other metals for there 09 models. I have seen a few of these bats and have not been impressed.

Is combat and miken coming out with a 09 model for Fast pitch ? If so do you have any info on them.
Jun 27, 2008
I have seen the new slowpitch model from Miken called Nemisis and taken a few swings with it, didn't like it too much because of the alloy it has in it. My DD's hitting coach is also a Miken rep and he said the fastpitch model ICON is basically the same so I guess we will be sticking with the Halo she has for a while.

I like the Halo after it's been broken in, has alot of pop to it.
Aug 21, 2008
In my league, synergy is very popular, along with stealth, but i have a Rawlings fastpitch Nemesis, (not miken), and i like it because its not too topheavy and i get good bat speed, and i have used synergy and stealth, but i didnt get much speed behind my swing.
I pay almost zero attention to bats and bat performance. In 95% of the situations it is the person swinging the bat that makes the difference.
However-----last weekend I was absolutely overwhelmed at the NPF Tournament where they had a home run derby.

Oli Keohouho (sorry if I misspelled the last name) of the Washington Glory hit 5 of the longest homeruns I have ever seen in fastpitch.
Here's the setting for the homeruns: temporary fence is set at 220 ft., the regular fence is at 250 ft. and the bleachers are another 15 ft. back of that fence. There are five rows/heights of seats in those bleachers. Oli hit 5 over the top of the bleachers. I'm guessing 310--320 on a couple of them.
I did check with her---she was using the Demarini Phoenix bat.
Now here's the funniest thing I saw in a long time. Prior to the ladies HR contest they had a "celebrity" HR contest. Some young buff guy managed to hit 5 over the 220 fence and one hit the base of the 250 fence------he really puffed up like he had accomplished something. Then the ladies hit---many of them clearing the 250 fence----never saw the guy again all weekend. :)
Jul 17, 2008
in the dugout
hey rick, i use to feel the same way about bats but the new composite technology absolutely dos make a difference.

i own a batting cage and have had lots of opportunities to swing a lot of different bats that my slowpitch customers bring in. oh yea, there is a huge diifference in the bats. only thing is that if you don't swing hard, you're not going to get the benefits of the "trampoline" effect. plus younger girls do not face as fast pitchers as olders girls do. i'm not convinced that it makes much of a difference at younger ages.

another thing about composites are the break in time. it takes 50 to 75 good solid hits all around the barrel to get the bat broke in. if a younger player buys a bat, uses it only in game situations, she may never get the bat fully broke in. she may use it in pb but still not have enough hitting power to break it in.

funny story... mike macenko (if you don't know who mike is, punch his name in youtube. holy #$%^ he is one of the most powerful slowpitch hitters in the history of the game) was telling me a story about his daughter that pitches for cleveland st. mike is a rep for combat, his dughter pitches against a team where two of the girls on the other team both swung combat virus bats... they both went yard against her. he was like, man i've been telling everyone how great those bats are and then this:D
Jul 21, 2008
I agree with the commit about the younger girls not having the power to make much differents in the bats. I always tell parents of the younger girls that if you can't compress the walls you are waisting your money on a $300 bat. They will hit the ball just as well with a $30 Walmart bat at 8,9,10,11,&12 yrs old. When you get about 14 yrs old is when the bat can make a differents.

There are exceptions to this rule......ie younger girls with very good bat speed.
Jul 29, 2008
I'm going to agree with Rick Pauly on this one.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, daughters Phenix. It took one game and all the other bats are either for the cages or tee's.

Saw a picture on eteamz once of one that split. DD doesn't have that much power, yet. :)

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