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all star roster

May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
I was asked to coach Our 12u all star team this year, & am having a difficult time trying to decide to cut the roster at 12 or take the 13th. any opinions? I dont really need #13, but she is an exceptionally nice girl with a ton of enthusiasm & mediocre talent.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
All Star Roster

I've always been a champion of the underdog ...
...I say take her ...with all the practice...she might just surprise ...

I have a team of 10/11's .. no one wanted them....definitely a couple of surprises emerging in a different environment...

lots of work to do ....they are all so happy to be playing!

Yes, the goal is to win and 13 is a very tough number to substitute!

How do you want to be remembered as a coach?
May 28, 2008
I think you should take her.............just her beiing there will mean a great deal to her. You can work it out!
Jun 17, 2008
Fond du Lac, WI
You never know

Always think of the unforeseen. The vacations that no one told you about or the colds, broken bones etc...

Also at that age most of those kids haven't grown into themselves. Those who are great now might not develop much more and there are some that might just be developing. Especially with girls you never know. Be optimistic and supportive of her and she will be an asset to the team no matter what her role.

Good luck
May 8, 2008
all-star roster

The real problem you face is the parents. Everybody feels their kid should play the whole game, so be prepared to answer not only why you took their DD out, but why you replaced her with the "nice" kid with less ability than their superstar. I coached the all-star team 2 years, I will never do it again because the parents soured what should have been a great experience for the kids, our team even won the district one of those years.
May 7, 2008
Morris County, NJ
All-Star Roster

We take 14 on the squad, 11 roster players and 3 practice squad players. The 11 roster players can rotate so you don't need to have the same roster for every game ....You can carry 11 roster players with 2 on the practice squad and substitute as you think fit....making 2 substitutions per game to get the players the at-bats and fielding time is certainly easier than having to do this for 3 or 4 players.

You can explain to the parents that all 13 deserved to make the squad and get the experience and required reps at each practice. You are dressing 11 each game to maximize playing time for those 11 players.....this worked for us....good luck...
Jun 17, 2008
Fond du Lac, WI
3,s dad
I like that Idea, it makes it fair to those who work and it lets the parents know right away what your plans are for their DD.

I on the other hand can't even field Nine at the high school level. I have a hard time making it through a whole season will a full team.