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Add Favorite Catching Picture

Jan 22, 2011
She hasn't caught much in last three years, but is catching some bullpen sessions in HS. Receiving still very good, VERY rusty on blocking. She's stolen my Liberty Worth Advance to use in Bullpen sessions. She didn't want me to take a picture, will see if my wife was able to steal a picture.
Jun 21, 2021
Great action shots! You didn't ask but I am gonna toss this out there. Those knee savers are supposed to be worn around the ankles, and in that position creates a pinch point and creates more stress on the knees. After attending a NECC, my DD threw hers away.
Dr. Farrago made it very clear that the Knee Savers MUST be worn on the lower strap settings to avoid putting pressure on the back side of the knee joint. He gave the example of placing a tennis ball behind your knee and duct taping it there and then attempting to crouch. The damage done from placing those pads directly behind the knee will far outweigh the damage done over time while playing the position without them.

ODD doesn't like the knee savers and won't wear them.