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1st base

May 7, 2008
Hey all,
I have recently started working with a HS girl who is a great ball player. She can stop anything you throw at her no matter where it is, but she has a little problem as far as stretching. Her stretch is a little shorter than I would like, is there anything she can do to improve that, besides just general stretching?
May 7, 2008
She can optimize what she can do, by positioning her foot correctly on the base. Make certain that she isn't putting her foot on the base prior to the ball being thrown. She needs to back up and straddle the inside corner of the base. As she catches the ball, she reaches back and taps the base with her foot. Having her more mobile and not cemented to the base will help. This will also allow for her to jump using both feet.

Being able to reach the base with either foot will expand her reach. A few times she will need to reach for the base with her foot and stretch all out for the throw, but this gives her an option of which leg to stretch with.

Having played 1st base and watched my DD play there many years, it is M.O.O. that SS and 3rd need to learn to throw correctly. We can only scoop so many out of the dirt and reach so many that are thrown 8 feet from the base.

I had to drill it in to our SS and 3rd the importance of not throwing the ball short of 1st base and into the path of the runner. The runner can dislocate the 1st baseman's arm, because the arm is stretched across the basepath. With experience, the 1st baseman will have to learn to let those go.


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Flexibility can easily be improved.

Need to do as often as you can. Best results comes from a warmed-up body.

Hold stretch for at least 30 seconds, ideally 45-60 seconds. for best results, do same stretch 2-3 times alternating sides each time when relevant.

Don't stretch too far - the stretch should be comfortable and and pleasant. Mild gentle tension. Don't stretch like gymnasts or martial artists. This is something else.

The most important muscle to stretch for her is the hamstring located in the back of your thighs.

Here are various hamstring stretches that would be good for her:




Hope that helps.