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10u pitch count???

Mar 11, 2009
My daughter throws fastballs and an occasional change, is there a pitch count ceiling I should be looking for in games? She has pitched three games and thrown 100(52 strikes), 73(45 strikes) and 101(51 strikes) pitches in each game. No complaints and arm mechanics look good, I just need to get her stride foot pointing toward home instead of third. She is the only pitcher on the team that can hit the strike zone and is 2-1. Thanks for the feedback.


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Some questions:

Is it three games in a day? Three games in three weeks?

By the way, suppose she doesn't like to pitch. Do you really think it is good that she isn't learning how to play another position? You know, it is actually fun to play SS or the outfield.

My DD was an all-conference D1 pitcher. At 10U, my DD pitched 3 or 4 innings twice a week. We did practice a couple of time a week.
Mar 11, 2009

She plays two games a week and pitches one other day with me a week...She likes to play SS too, and last season did a good job there, of course they had another girl that was a decent pitcher that she rotated with in the circle....I talked to coach and he is going to rotate her more, he had the same concerns as me about her pitch count. So I feel better about it now...:)