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10 Signs You Know This Is Not Going To Be Your Best Game.

May 7, 2008
10 Signs You Know This Is Not Going To Be Your Best Game!

Here are the top 10 signs you know that this is not going to be your best game.

10) You can't find your socks, but you can smell them.

9) You think that you have arrived at the ball field early because you are the first one there, then you realize that you are at the wrong field.

8) The Coach says that you are pitching today and you have never pitched before in your life.

7) You have to kick your bats to wake them up.

6) The umpire emphatically calls you out on strikes after you take a 2 - 1 pitch (that's two balls and one strike).

5) You went to the batting cages before the game and went 0 for 40.

4) You can't find your new glove, so you have to use something that may have been your dad's glove 25 years ago.

3) The other team cheers for your pitcher more than your team does.

2) The only way your team can manufacture a run is with four consecutive base on balls.

And the # 1 sign you know that this is not going to be your best game

1) When you realize the only good thing about pain is it tells you that you are not dead yet!
May 7, 2008
Norwalk, OH, USA
:D I have an addition for the list that is a true story. "When you are pitching and your team mates are cheering for a 2 out rally by the other team."

I was coaching a 12U rec team and the girls on the bench started cheering for a two out rally. (They really liked the cheering part of the game) I approached the girls and explained that while I would like for them to show good sportsmanship cheering for the other team is a bit much. The 3rd base coach for the other team chimed in with "really its ok we need the encouragement". We all had a good laugh except for my daughter who was glaring at her teammates from the center circle
May 13, 2008
I just his past weekend experienced the feeling as a coach that he game we were about to play was not going to be our best. We had just finished back to back games and were sitting 4wins 0 losses in the tournament . We had a 1 game break where the players headed to various restaurants for nourishment .I cautioned the team before they left that they should eat lightly. When they returned ,drifting into the park slowly and a little late for our 45min. warm-up I sensed this would not be our best game.I said nothing at the time since I felt that in this situation ,( early in the season; a playoff spot insured;) experience might be the best teacher. The warm-up lacked intensity and focus, I kept quiet. Sure enough by the end of the second inning we were down 6-0, we walked too many batters made seveal errors both mental and physical and were not playing anywhere near our capabilities.
On our way in from the diasterous 2nd inning I could bite my tongue no longer. I called a team huddle and said I saw as we warmed up that we were not going to be prepared to play; everyone was a little tired and sore and probably too full. I went on to explain that this is where the mental toughness we have been talking about comes into play. Everyone individually seems to be saying to themselves I can let up the other girls will pick me up.
They were not accepting their responsibility to as a team member to be the best they can be by preparing to play properly. I reminded them of their lacksidasical warm-up, and that there is no place on a team for a player that feels sorry for themselves because they are tired and sore. I said " stop tripping on your lip waiting for someone else to light a fire under the team it is your responsibility!"
This time it worked. We turned it around and went on to win 8-6.
I now have an example to use when we are preparing to play by reminding them "remember the ------- game, you play like you warm-up"


May 7, 2008
Another Sign

First AB you hit a hard grounder up the middle clearing the infield.....and get thrown out at 1B by the CF!

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