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Thread: Please share your dds injury and recovery story with lessons learned.

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    DD has had her share of injuries over the years. Some softball related, some not. I will just highlight a few...

    *Broken bone in her foot that occurred playing basketball.
    *Green stick fracture of her left collar bone that occurred ice skating.
    *Broken left pinky finger that occurred playing softball. She was a 13 year old playing 16u fall ball. The pitcher let one get away from her that looked like it was going to drill DD in the ribs. She took her left hand off the bat handle in an attempt to catch the ball (seriously...). Ended up with a broken finger...
    *Golfer's elbow. This prevented her from pitching for approximately 2 months. She then moved on to wearing a support band. She wore that for approximately 18 months. Has been fine now for 2 years.
    *Shoulder issues. She has several... After an MRI, a doctor informed her that she may have a labral tear in her throwing shoulder, but the MRI was inconclusive. The only way to know for sure was to operate. She visited a surgeon who agreed with the initial doctor, but isn't convinced there is a tear. She was scheduled for PT and ultimately a cortisone shot. She feels much better now, but realizes she will probably need surgery at some point in the future.

    She has been active in sports since she was 5, and has had her share of office visits. She has had several great experiences with PT professionals and has decided to choose that as her future career. She is currently playing college ball and studying to become a Physical Therapist. So far she really enjoys it.

    "Once you stop learning, you start dying" -- Albert Einstein.

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    Lesson not learned yet.

    Know a great kid that's been physically hurting for 2 years. Sore back, sore knee's, sore wrists and ankles. Average softball player but has so much potential to be a really great player.

    She competes in Gymnastics and is at the lowest level of competition but loves it. Been competing in Gymnastics for like 6+ years.

    Her Mom wants her to keep doing it eventhough it's physically compromising her daughter's health.

    That Kiddo landed on her ankle wrong and jacked it up bad. She received an MRI and still in a boot for over a month so far.

    I ask myself why her parents would let a kid continue to cripple her body and possibly jeopardize her long term health.

    In 10u the coaches nicknamed her "Granny" because she couldn't always move well at practice because she was always beat up.

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    My daughter is a catcher, so she walks around with the standard hallmarks of that position - namely multiple bruises all over her body. She wears them with pride, and is morbidly thrilled when she can see the seams of the ball in her bruise. I remember I was in an exam room with her at a doctor's appointment, and she was wearing gym shorts. The nurse whispered something to her, and my daughter shook her head and laughed saying "I'm a catcher" to which the nurse responded "Oh - okay." I later learned that she was whispering to my daughter about her bruises and asking if she wanted to talk about how she got them.

    But we've had other injuries that are more serious. A couple of years ago, she developed "thrower's shoulder" (biceps-tendon/rotator-cuff tendinitis). She got to have her first MRI (with contrast) for that one. It was especially tough because she was put on "no overhand throwing" orders right as we were gearing up for travel tryouts. Coaches just aren't interested in catchers if they can't see them throw.

    We also had a broken finger - and I honestly can't remember whether that was in her glove hand or throwing hand. That was before she really committed to playing, so we were on a B-level team at the time that only played about one tournament per month.

    This year she had a stress fracture in one of her metatarsals - so another MRI. That led to a boot for about seven weeks. It hit in the dead of winter over Christmas break, so time away from softball was limited.

    Lessons learned - there are many of them. First, stretching before playing or working out is hugely important. Our daughter continues to think she's bullet proof even though she's had two serious injuries and countless minor injuries. Also once you've developed soreness, it'll probably be a problem forever which makes stretching all that much more important. Also, throwing mechanics are super-important. Our daughter's shoulder issues were most likely the result of a weird arm position when she's throwing. Focusing on that when she was still in 10U would've prevented lots of hiccups in 14U.

    I've also learned that MRIs cost between $3-5,000 if you don't have insurance. We do, thank God.

    Finally, I've learned that there's a cream called Arnicare (search for it on Amazon) that will speed up the healing of bruises significantly. A college pitcher who took a line drive in the face told me about it.

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    My dd is now in a cast for 3 weeks for her stress fracture. The boot and modified activity didn’t heal it so I put her in a cast to force her to rest it. This injury has been dragging on since October. I don’t care that it’s interfering with the beginning of softball season. I don’t want her running until she has no pain. It’s not worth it at this age (almost 11) to not heal properly. Nobody’s offering her a 10m contract to play softball.

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