When to begin hitting instruction?

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Dec 12, 2020
This seperate element should be a consideration

For some internal dna reason ;) there are times the parent/child relationship gets strong armed by coachy/instructor parents
who they themselves do not know a healthy boundary between instructing vs cheering.
And this gem of a topic
CAN/DOES impact youth.

Its okay to be a parent instructor, of course parents should be the best life coach they can be!!!!
However think ahead, plan ahead, and pay attention big time that in this situation generally the parent instructing is on their own learning curve
(how to teach sports)
much the same as the child is
learning how to play them.

Yes, that parent-teacher learning curve! With my dd on here, she has been my poor guinea pig, but we have somehow gotten this far relatively unscathed, both of us learning a ton! She has had so much patience with me lol.

I have a 9 yo dd that I have waited on, but is now requesting to learn, but none have shown the desire as my ds. I'll prob just continue as is, and be sure poor cues (as I currently understand 'em) are not introduced, qs eFastball mentioned.

But 1st a $400 bat of course..
Dec 12, 2020
Just reps brah! Wiffle ball will develop eye hand coordination and body self awareness. When the kid blasts a ball over the neighbors roof they will try to remember that feeling and replicate it. They will try to do it over and over until muscle memory kicks in. When the kid starts having success and see improvement they will want to feed the beast..... Gotta be games within the games to stimulate growth.

@RADcatcher is the instructional expert here.

This is where he's at now. It's funny how his swing has changed in a few weeks of contests with his buddies and sisters.
Oct 26, 2019
I have done lessons with players as young as 6. I am always up front with the parent though. I tell them - I will work with your 6 year old as long as you are ok with me throwing to him/her for half an hour with the only instruction being “swing as hard as you can” and then praising him/her when they do that.

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