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What is most important?


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
The most important factor to consider: The education and the degree.

Playing softball for 4 years is fun, but if you don't get the degree you want at the college that best fits you, you will be in real trouble.

What coaches often fail to mention and what parents don't know is that many girls quit sports for various reasons. Even if the player is one of the fortunate few that is a contributor to the team, it is still OVER after 4 years. There is no gold at the end of the softball rainbow.

So, players and parents should spend more time discussing what happens AFTER college rather than what will happen DURING college.

Put it another way: College softball is 4 years. After college softball is about 30 years of a career. So, a rational person should be roughly 6 times more concerned about the education and how that fits rather than softball.

Good post Sluggers!! Totally agree! There isn't that much scholarship money in softball anyway. My oldest daughter (now 22 and college graduate) was an extremely talented softball player, but didn't want to play college. Fortunately, she had great HS grades and most of her college was paid for through academic scholarship. Most of the good softball players I've ever known were also great students academically.

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