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Run Downs

Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
for ME..... our girls are taught the receiver has the responsibility to get the side where the chaser is aligned and the receiver makes the ball call or signal (prefer signal -open and close of glove for us) so she is not surprised on the dart throw and is confident on the out. Chaser's Goal is to TAG the runner - running at her HARD to make the tag.
Defender chasing the runner holds the ball at shoulder height so the receiver CLEARLY sees the ball, NO JUKING of the ball and ONLY a DART throw so its not too hard and gets to the receiver with rotation. We teach to throw to the lead base when the runner is about half way to force the play back to the near base. Goal is no more then 2 throws, but preferably TAG or one throw and tag.
We practice by getting the runner started at the next base and then the rundown kicks off, near base defender throws when runner gets approx 1/2 way so CHASER can CHASE her back to the base and tag her if possible and if receiver wants the ball, she gives a ball call and expects the dart same side as the thrower so the ball does NOT cross the throwing lane/base path/runner, or it may hit the runner.
(Practice this till they get it right repeatedly, then 1-2 days a week for approx 6 minutes per session to stay proficient!
Apr 20, 2009
When we do rundowns, we make sure we have a 3-man rotation. Automatically, there are players on both bases and the chaser.

runner between 1st and 2nd.

- If ball is at 2nd baseman. (she becomes the chaser)
- shortstop covers 2nd
- 1st baseman covers 1st
- RF stays at foul territory behind 1st base aligned with throwing path
- CF goes behind 2nd base aligned at throwing path
*where ever runner goes the baseman on base at that direction becomes the 1st receiver.

so when runner goes to 2nd base, chaser(2B) goes to 2nd base and throws (if needed) to SS on 2nd base..THEN 2nd baseman covers 2nd base

SS then chases runner to 1st base where 1st baseman is waiting. if for some reason rundown continues..upon throw to 1st, SS covers 1st then 1st baseman becomes chaser

*but of a good rundown doesn't exceed 3 throws

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