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Off-season Finally Over

Oct 4, 2018
I made the DD take 6 weeks off from pitching, as 2020 will have her on the mound a lot. Weather in Georgia is abnormally warm so we pitched yesterday for the first time.

We warmed up playing catch, then with limited motion IR drills. Then a few more "gentle" drills, then yet more drills. Finally after about 30 minutes we tried a full pitch.

First pitch -- hits a tree about 15 feet from the plate. We'd never hit that tree before, even when she was a complete beginner.

We both laughed and kept going.

Only did about 15 full pitches, and towards the end she was humming them in there as if she hadn't taken a break. Lessons start back up in 2 weeks, first tourney in late Feb.

We're both eager to get back at it. Rec basketball has been fun, but certainly isn't her forte. 🙃
Jul 14, 2018
We had some Georgia-like weather in the Northeast last weekend, we almost went outside to throw a little but DD has indoor team practice with pitching sessions on Sunday. She's just coming off an 8-week rest of her own, so she's ramping up slowly. Happy to report she looked great in her session yesterday! We still have about 12 weeks before middle school ball gets underway.
Aug 13, 2018
My daughter is a young, new pitcher, pitching a little over a year. I shut her down in Nov and Dec because she was getting a little worn out towards the end of the season and it was showing that she wasn't loving every second of it. It was over winter break between Christmas and New Years when we got a nice day that she was begging ME to go out and catch for her. Nice day here meant it was almost warm enough to not wear a jacket for an hour, so she of course pitches in short sleeves because she hates pitching with longer ones on. That's when I knew it was time to get back out there.

Lessons started a week ago, indoor training with her team the same time, so we're back at it.

She's in lessons with a new coach that's driving her crazy (in a good way, though.) She's had two lessons and they haven't thrown a full pitch yet. But they're working on mechanics from the ground up, including some things that she "knew" but was never drilled on learning to do the exact right way.
May 6, 2015
still technically off season here (mid atlantic/ NE), but DDs team has done a couple of indoors (she only did one due to other obligations), more for fun, very short RF. also, one local tourney organizer in the area, once he saw forecast for the weekend, put together a quick one day tournament (tried for another age group for Sunday, could not get enough teams) Saturday, 3GG, no sanction, only one ump, but it was good to get girls out there and play.
May 20, 2015
3-7" tonight with a legit storm coming in saturday.....our official school ball start date isn't until mid march, and i won't get my team any travel workouts in until 3rd week of feb.....and that will just be a few sessions that i cannot attend (4 of my HS girls are on my travel team) before their school tryouts start

my summer girls are all 2-3 sport athletes, so our offseason stuff is next to nil these days

but i did buy DD #1 a new bat....haha